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Electrical panel problems can be as simple as a the inconvenience of a bad circuit breaker to panel sparking or smoking.. Our licensed electricians in Florida can quickly take a look at your problem, quickly make the critical repairs to keep you safe. Older homes built from the 1950-70’s have electrical panels and fuse boxes that may not be up to the power requirements of a modern lifestyle. Fix that problem with Panel Changes and Fuse Box Updates to provide safe and reliable power to your home or office. Our team of technicians are fully certified, skilled, and experienced to troubleshoot your electrical system faults and provide the necessary solutions that not only repair them but provide you with more energy-efficient, smarter, and crucially, safer electrics than you had before.

Residential or Commercial we handle it.

You might consider replacing your circuit breaker or electrical panel for:

  • Convenience : When a circuit breaker overloads it just trips a switch instead of blowing completely, so restoring the circuit is as easy as opening the box and flipping a switch.

  • Cost : Unlike fuses, breakers don’t usually completely break . You usually don’t have to replace a breaker when the circuit overload and trips.

  • Safety : Fuses can be generally safe but do burn out. Replacing a burned fuse can sometimes bring you into contact with the hot electrical circuit. Modern Circuit Breakers are similar to light switches that you just reset and restore power.

  • Is the the circuit breaker is hot to the touch?

  • Does the panel have a burning smell or is the panel warm?

  • Are you repeatedly resetting the same breaker?

  • Do you hear hissing, popping or arcing sounds from the panel?

We provide services to clean up or replace your electrical panel or replace your fuse box to provide safe, reliable power to your home or office.

  • Circuit Breaker Replacement, If your panel is good and just needs a few fresh circuit breakers.

  • Panel Replacement – Installing a new service panel and circuit breaker can increases your electrical panel’s ability to handle power loads give you a margin of safety. A safety panel  inspection may be required as older panels from Zinsco and Federal Pacific have shown problems.

  • Replace Fuses (Knob & Tube Type)

  • Run Dedicated Circuits to high load areas such as server rooms,  kitchens and wash areas.

  • Dedicated Computer Room or High Load Circuitry

  • Electrical Panel Replacement or  Fuse Box Upgrades

  • Main Electrical Panels & Sub Panels
  • New Circuits – You can meet new or increased usage requirements for a new AC unit or pool by adding a new circuit .

  • Panel Upgrades – We install whole-home surge protectors, GFCI safety interrupters, fuse-to-circuit breaker upgrades, and other upgrades.
  • Repairs, upgrades, and replacements for your panel box
  • Transfer Switches for Generators and high load circuits.

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